Lift Johnstown is a dynamic partnership working to implement three plans seeking to "re-invent" Johnstown as a vibrant small city.

Collaboration in implementing the three plans is the centerpiece of Lift Johnstown.  Each plan is a thoughtful, creative examination of the assets and needs of our community.  Each plan came from a different perspective but recognized many of the same assets and offered overlapping goals in outlining steps to rebuild the economy, enhance the workforce, and improve the quality of life through recreation.  The plans overlap in strategic ways, but each has a different central focus:


  • The City of Johnstown Master Plan at its core is an economic- and business-development strategy that includes recreation, housing and other social-fabric elements.  It seeks to bring the city out of its distressed status.  It includes city-wide business and recreation strategies, and emphasizes the Downtown and Kernville as the City's core neighborhoods.

  • The 2020 Regional Vision focused on quality of life and education while advocating recreational and workforce development.  It surveyed our community and its expatriates from the standpoint of the personal and professional interests of young people.  The report was developed by the Young Professionals of the Alleghenies and Greater Johnstown/ Cambria County Chamber of Commerce.

  • Laurel Highlands Conservation Landscape Initiative is a resource-based recreation initiative that incorporates community and economic strategies.  It encompasses four counties with tremendous scenic and recreational amenities.  It is a partnership lead by the state Department of Conservation & Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.


Together, these efforts provide a vision for strengthening our region’s vitality, vibrancy and quality-of-life.  They are serious, well-considered efforts by people and organizations that care deeply about our community.  We invite and encourage your participation.


Lift Johnstown supports volunteerism in our region, and has partnered with the United Way of the Laurel Highlands on a

project, Get Connected, an exciting website bringing community volunteer opportunities, activities, and events to one location.  Take time to review volunteer activities available.  There are a multitude of activities listed for all ages and skill levels.  


Lift also recognizes outstanding volunteers in our area with our Volunteer Spotlight Award.  We to know who are the most dynamic and caring volunteers. The Lift Johnstown Volunteer Spotlight Award is given quarterly (four times per year) to an individual volunteer who currently demonstrates a commitment to building a better community through volunteerism in the region. 

Please use our online survey to nominate a volunteer!