Lift Honors Flood City Youth Fitness Academy Volunteer

JOHNSTOWN, PA – On Tuesday, October 23rd at 10:00 A.M., LIFT Johnstown honored its 20th Volunteer Spotlight Award recipient in a surprise presentation at the Flood City Youth Fitness Academy, 200 Lincoln Street, Johnstown, PA 15901. Mary Hollingsworth, a long-time volunteer at The Flood City Youth Fitness Academy, was nominated for the LIFT award because of her volunteer contributions at the facility. Hollingsworth has volunteered in the summer Safe Haven Program which provides meals and activities for area children and has performed other duties for the FCYFA organization.

LIFT Johnstown is happy to promote recognition of those special citizens who exemplify all that volunteering embodies. Hollingsworth was selected by a committee that reviews and votes on nominations submitted to LIFT by members of the community.

The nomination of Hollingsworth reads as follows: “Mary has worked for years in our summer Safe Haven Program feeding young children from around the city. She is a senior and grandparents the children. Even though she has had five heart attacks and has dealt with numerous health issues, she still gives her all to make sure the children have a healthy meal. She also helps out at FCYFA with all fundraising, putting up flyers, participating in children’s activities and helping to maintain the facility. We just need for her to see she is loved and she still has a whole lot of years left.”

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